Following a recent study of the lane certification process and analyzing data from lane inspections, USBC determined it will implement a center certification program, featuring tiered levels of certification and a national staff of lane inspectors, over the next five years.

Details of the tiered center certification program will be announced at the 2021 USBC Convention.

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Previous reports
In recent years, USBC set out to improve the center certification process. Several studies into the certification process have been conducted by the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team, and the results led to changes in the center certification process that were announced at the 2017 USBC Convention.

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More than six years ago, as part of its ongoing effort to improve Center Certifications, USBC began to study its current lane dressing rules.

The American Bowling Congress (ABC) instituted the rule regarding lane dressing, which states lane dressing could be applied in any amount and any distance if there is a minimum of three units, in 1992.

After review of a report from the Equipment Specifications and Certifications team, the  Equipment Specifications Committee has ruled to suspend the three-unit rule indefinitely.

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